As of 15 May 2021

Exposure to viral and bacterial infections is an inherent risk in any location accessible to the public.  No one can guarantee that you will not be exposed to a contagious disease during a visit to our office building.

The COVID-19/SARS-CoV 2 coronavirus pandemic and the governmental response to it have created a new business environment.  We, like others, want to reduce — and hopefully eliminate — the spread of the coronavirus and other infectious diseases, and we are trying to comply with governmentally imposed protocols.  Here are the current policies for Rushforth Firm Ltd. (“RFL”):

  • GenerallyIn our office buildings, those who have been fully vaccinated (i.e., two weeks after all required injections) do not need to wear a mask.  Proof of vaccination will not be requested, so an honor system of enforcement will apply.  Everyone who has not been fully vaccinated is required to wear a mask and to maintain a distance of six feet from other persons.

  • Reception Desk.  Our office reception desk is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for the dropping off and picking up of documents.

  • Video Meetings; Telephone Conferences.  Even though some pandemic-related restrictions have been relaxed, video meetings and telephone conferences are encouraged over in-office meetings.  This will always be true for RFL, primarily because video meetings and phone conferences are more efficient and eliminate the time and expense of travel.

  • Office Meetings.  For the same reasons that we encourage video meetings and telephone conferences, we discourage scheduling in-office meetings.  Any in-office meeting will be limited to clients,their professional advisors, and required witnesses only.  The wearing of masks and physical distancing are mandatory if any participant in the meeting has not been fully vaccinated.  Do not bring young children or pets to an in-person meeting.  If an in-person meeting requires more than three participants (besides Mr. Rushforth), please let us know.  We will cancel a meeting — possibly on short notice — if the person you are scheduled to meet is ill, and you should cancel a meeting if you are ill.  There will be no charge for a last-minute meeting cancellation due to illness.

  • Signing Documents.  Because of the limited nature of Mr. Rushforth's practice, we do not usually execute documents in our office, and we do not travel out of the office for document signings.  There are three options for document signing, but we can assist only with the first two.
    • Your Location.  We can send you signature-ready documents, and you can sign them at the location of your choice.

      • We will provide written document-signing instructions, and it is essential that those instructions be followed precisely.

      • Unless an attorney is physically present, we strongly encourage clients who are signing documents out of our office to allow an attorney to participate in the meeting by video conference (e.g., Zoom) or by phone so as to be available to answer questions and to provide guidance for the proper signing of the documents.

      • In such cases, it may be necessary to either provide documents that do not require a notary (which is not always possible), or the clients may need to arrange for a mobile notary.

      • Where a notary acknowledgment is optional, we are either eliminating the acknowledgment from our documents or replacing the notary block with a place for two witnesses to sign.

    • In-Office Signing.  Depending on the documents being signed, an in-office signing will require the arrangement for a notary and possibly two witnesses.  In-office signing meetings are only for those who are willing to take the risks of coming to our office.  As mentioned above, masks and physical distancing are required if anyone participating is not fully vaccinated.

      • For document-execution meetings, only the persons signing documents and the required witnesses and/or notary will be present.  One family member, chauffeur, or friend can wait in the reception area, but he or she will not participate in the meeting unless acting as a witness.

      • We do not have a notary in the office.  Unless you make provisions for your own notary, we will arrange for a mobile notarial service, and the charges for that service will be billed as an out-of-pocket expense.

      • We do not have staff members who can act as witnesses.  You should arrange for your own witnesses, who must be adults and must not be affected by in any document that you are signing; however, if that is not possible, we may be able to arrange for witnesses.  If we arrange for witnesses, they will be paid for their time, including travel time, usually at $15-30 an hour, depending on who is available.

    • Remote Document Signing.  Nevada law permits remote notarization and the remote signing of trusts and wills.  We rarely recommend the remote signing of documents, and we cannot provide that service at this time.

  • Updated May 15, 2021
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